pp battery flame arrestor

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    PP Battery Flame Arrestor Filter Disc

    1. JHTD PP FLAME ARRESTOR are supplied to world-leading lead-acid battery manufacturers include GS, TATA, SACRED SUN, NARADA etc. 2. JHTD PP FLAME ARRESTOR can be customized according to customer needs. 3. JHTD PP FLAME ARRESTOR is prepared based on the air floating semi-melt mould pressing method under the real-time control of a microcomputer, in combination with power semi-melt control technique under air floating state,control technique of porous membrane product conformance,and control technique of porosity changes in a gradient form along the thick direction during micro-pore molding. 4. JHTD PP FLAME ARRESTOR is characterized by excellent resistance to flame,acid fog,acid and alkali,prevent the electrolyte corrosion to the car and the surrounding environment. 5. The minimum pore size of JHTD PP FLAME ARRESTOR can be 50-150um with high porosity. 6. JHTD PP FLAME ARRESTOR is remarkable in its mechanical strength and even in the conformance of dimension scale,and has good acid resistance and bearing capacity,which can rival like products in foreign markets. 7. JHTD micro-pore polyethylene and polypropylene can be designed subject to the requirements of users on the product,and can be made into series such as polypropylene and polyethylene compounded micro-pore filter element,and PTFE disc and films. 8. No distinction between front side and reverse side, better than some Amercian company.

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