PE Separator for Lead Acid Battery

Lead-acid batteries are mainly composed of negative elemental lead, positive lead dioxide, electrolyte and separators. The PE separator is between the positive and negative plates of the battery, which can prevent the positive and negative plates from directly contacting and discharging to cause short circuit. At the same time, there are a certain amount of holes on the separator to ensure the passage of positive and negative ions and prevent open circuit. Therefore, the importance of the separator is no less than that of the positive and negative plates of the battery. At present, it is generally believed that the explosion accident caused by the short circuit of the lead-acid battery is mainly caused by the aging of the separator.

  In order to solve the problems of die difficulty and gaseous matter increase caused by poor fluidity of raw materials, some lubricants should be added when selecting raw materials. The choice of lubricants mainly includes stearic acid and salts. The
PE sheet produced in this way has a uniform material and no air bubbles. There are two aspects that affect the quality of PE separators. One is the formula composition, and the other is the process. The PE separators produced by the existing technology have poor toughness, which seriously affects the service life.

  The extraction, drying and coating system in the prior art includes an extraction device, a drying device and a coating device which are connected. At the same time, a large amount of oil is absorbed. After the separator is extruded and formed, the oil is extracted by the extractant. The space occupied by this part of the oil forms micropores, and the oil content of the formed separator is about 14. The
PE separator is used for a long time. Soaked in sulfuric acid, part of the oily substance in the separator was leached. There are many factors that affect the low-temperature starting of lead-acid batteries, the main factors include plate structure, negative electrode formula, electrolyte, separator, etc.

In summary, the separator is an important part of the battery, not an active substance. In some cases it even plays a decisive role. The material itself is an electronic insulator, and its porosity makes it ionically conductive. The resistance of the separator is an important performance of the separator, which is determined by the thickness, porosity, and tortuosity of the separator, and has an important impact on the high-rate discharge capacity and terminal voltage level of the battery.


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