1. JHTD Acid Mist Purification Tower is a low resistance, low energy consumption, low noise and high processing efficiency device.
2. JHTD Acid Mist Purification Tower can handle acid mist gas such as hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, ammonia gas, phosphoric acid residue and hydrogen sulfide. Sodium hydroxide is used as the absorption neutralizing liquid, and the purification efficiency is 95%-98% or more.
3. JHTD Acid Mist Purification Tower has high efficiency, strong corrosion resistance, light weight and durability, and beautiful appearance.
When the requirements are relatively high, the second-stage lead smoke purifier and the high-efficiency lead-smoke dust collector can be used in series to achieve better lead smoke purification effect.
1. Vertical filter cartridge structure is easier for dust adsorption and cleaning. Also the filter material has less jitters during the cleaning, the life of the filter cartridge is greatly improved, and the running cost is reduced.
2. The filter cartridge is made of imported material, which has large filtration area, reduces filtration speed, reduces system resistance, reduces operating costs and saves energy.
3. Designed with pre-dusting mechanism, it not only overcomes the shortcomings of dust directly washing the filter cartridge, but also greatly increases the dust concentration at the entrance of the dust collector.
4. Modular combination, sizes can be selected。
5. The key components of the main performance of the corresponding items (such as the pulse valve) use imported parts, and the service life of the wearing parts of the wearing parts exceeds 1 million times.
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