-Non Woven tubular battery gauntlet is made with two layers of 100% non-fabric polyester impregnated with a synthetic resin and sewn together.
-Non Woven tubular battery gauntlet follows the thermos-moulding process that gives it the shape and rigidity required for non-woven gauntlets, ensuring oxidation resistance.
-The high filtering capacity guarantees minimal leaks of active material.
- Non Woven tubular battery gauntlet with the low material cost make these gauntlets especially suitable for batteries used for traction and for stationary applications.
- Woven tubular battery gauntlets are made from high quality polyester threads impregnated with a synthetic resin that allows battery usage under extreme working conditions. Woven gauntlets are recommended when the battery must operate in severe conditions and when a high number of cycles are required.
- Woven tubular battery gauntlet with low resistance, high porosity, thin-walled, light weight, fast formation and long service life, this is the first choice for high energy density tubular lead acid battery.
- Woven tubular battery gauntlet is used in tubular lead acid battery field, example for: Power forklift's tubular lead acid battery, golf car's tubular lead acid battery, tourist car, prowl car and elector-tricycle's tubular lead acid battery.
1. Raw materials for making non-woven pipes
2. Meet the needs of various models
3. Support product customization
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