1. Machine was provided with overheating, over current, over voltage, short circuits, anti-polar, under voltage and under current etc... protection
2. Machine was provided with constant temperature, constant voltage, constant-voltage & current limiting, constant current, constant-current & voltage limiting & time limited, constant power, constant resistance, ampere-hour, watt-hour, hold, cycle etc...instructions
3. Machine was provided with Paused, jump lost current lock, lifted etc...
4. Topology is via CANNET. CAN bus communication between host PC and Circuit Micro controller. TCP/IP protocol
5. Display Current, Voltage, Ah, Wh and temperature curves
6. With zoom function. Print formation process and data
1. Adopted PLC control technology, LCD display: and computer communication by RS232 or RS485
2. Convenient operation. You operate machine by keyboard of machine or PC
3. Accurately record test data, Mass storage, High speed data transmission
4. Data report printed by printer or to Excel file
5. Machine running steady. Good repeat-ability
6. Precision Manufacturing Technology, machine high degree of accuracy
7. Setting and displaying parameters by LCD
High automatization, compact structure
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