Safe use of battery


1. Prevention of battery short circuit
When the battery is short circuited, there will be electric sparks, which may damage the battery slightly or cause fire in serious cases.

(1) The terminal pole of the battery and the outlet of its connecting wire are short circuit points, and the exposed places should be protected with insulating materials as far as possible.

(2) Do not place conductive objects on the battery.
(3) The battery connecting wire shall not contact the
terminal pole of the battery.
(4) During the removal and replacement of individual batteries in the battery pack, the removed connecting wire ends shall be wrapped with insulating materials.

2. Prevent battery damage
(1) Prevent the battery shell from cracking - the shell cracking will cause the battery to leak liquid, and even cause short circuit and fire in serious cases.
(2) Prevent the
battery terminal from being damaged - if the battery terminal is seriously damaged, it will cause the terminal to leak liquid, which will cause corrosion at the battery connection, and even cause short circuit and fire.

3. Do not operate with electricity
The battery pack must be disconnected from all charging devices and loads when operating the battery.

4. Correct battery connection:
It is absolutely guaranteed that the battery polarity is correctly connected. The positive pole of the battery is connected to the positive pole of the charger, and the negative pole is connected to the negative pole of the charger. Before installing the terminal connector and conducting battery, check the total voltage of the battery system and the connection of positive and negative electrodes to ensure correct installation.


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