Several misunderstandings in the process of using batteries

Several misunderstandings in the process of using batteries in general:

1. When using maintenance-free batteries, simply think that maintenance-free means that no maintenance is required.

2. There is no need to deal with corrosion on the surface of the battery pole post, as long as it is not loose. Corrosion appears on the surface, and corrosion occurs on the inner surface of the terminal, which will increase the resistance value and affect the normal charging and discharging of the battery, so it must be dealt with in time.

3. When the liquid level is low, add electrolyte or add pure water instead of distilled water. If the electrolyte containing sulfuric acid is added, the concentration of the electrolyte inside the battery will increase, and phenomena such as boiling and acid mist may appear, which will seriously affect the service life of the battery; use pure drinking water instead of distilled water, which contains various trace elements , have adverse effects on the battery.

4. The density of the electrolyte is not checked and adjusted, especially when winter comes, resulting in insufficient battery capacity and even freezing of the electrolyte.

5. When using the battery to start in winter, use the starter uninterruptedly, causing the battery to be damaged due to excessive discharge.


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