Battery Testing Machine For Laboratory

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Battery Testing Machine For Laboratory
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1. Machine was provided with overheating, over current, over voltage, short circuits, anti-polar, under voltage and under current etc… protection;
2. Machine was provided with constant temperature, constant voltage, constant-voltage & current
Limiting, constant current, constant-current & voltage limiting & time limited, constant power, constant
resistance, ampere-hour, watt-hour, hold, cycle etc…instructions;
3. Machine was provided with Paused, jumpǃlost current lock, lifted etc….
4. Topology is via CANNET. CAN bus communication between host PC and Circuit Micro controller. TCP/IP
5. Display Current, Voltage, Ah, Wh and temperature curves;
6. With zoom function. Print formation process and data;


Apply to testing capacity & life cycle etc…for small capacity and medium capacity and big capacity batteries.


1. Machine controlled by Microcomputer, LCD displayˈAnd computer communication by CAN Bus;

2. Easy for Operation, you operated machine by keyboard of machine or you operated machine by PC.

3. At most 9 kinds of parameters can be stored and recalled in the machine.

4. Even cutting electric power failure, the date can be recovery and restart;

5. Accurately record test data, Mass storage, High speed data transmission;

6. Temperature control system can detect the temperature changes in the process of battery testing;

7. Have a variety of control instruction, can simulate various states of battery in the process of actual use.

Technology parameter:

1. Input: single phase 220Vac/50~60Hz

2. Max output voltage:18V

3. Max output current: *A ( Pls check Model list)

4. Voltage Accuracy: ≤±0.5%F.S

5. Current Accuracy: ≤±0.5%F.S

6. Time Accuracy: ≤±5S/24H

7. Range of Voltage: 5% - 100% 

8. Range of Current: 2% - 100% 

9. Min Interval:1 S

Model list 

Battery Testing Machine for LaboratoryOther model have not listed

(We can manufacture various Tester with current range 1A to 10000A and voltage range 1V to 18V ) 

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