What you don't know about AGM battery with AGM Separator


The development of automobile electrification and the maturity of the start-stop system have brought a more comfortable car experience to car owners, and at the same time put forward higher requirements for batteries. Especially as the first batch of start-stop owners have entered the battery replacement cycle, AGM batteries with advanced technology and strong power are becoming more popular. Naturally, the price of AGM battery is not low, so are AGM batteries really expensive? In fact, it is not only not expensive, but also very affordable.

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Start and stop must be equipped with AGM battery

For a car equipped with a start-stop system, when the vehicle encounters a traffic light or stops for a short time, the engine will automatically shut down to save fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. At this time, the battery becomes the only source of electrical energy for the vehicle's electronic equipment. The battery is the core of the start-stop system. A car equipped with a start-stop system needs a more powerful battery to provide sufficient power when the engine is turned off and to face frequent start-stop conditions.

AGM battery is a kind of lead battery that adopts innovative adsorption glass fiber separator / AGM separator technology. 

agm separator

Compared with traditional batteries, AGM battery has greatly improved start-up ability, deep cycle life, charge receiving ability, safety performance, etc. It can easily meet the high requirements of multi-electronic equipment including start-stop systems for batteries. Ordinary batteries cannot replace AGM batteries for start-up and stop applications, otherwise they will be in a state of power deficit for a long time, and battery life and on-board electronic performance will be seriously negatively affected.

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AGM batteries are not only inexpensive, but also very affordable

The start-stop system is used with AGM battery, the fuel saving rate exceeds 5%, and the more congested, the larger the displacement, the more obvious the effect. It can be calculated that about 1.4 liters of gasoline is consumed for 20 kilometers, and the exhaust gas produced when burning gasoline is about 2300 grams per liter. An ordinary white-collar worker in a city uses about 100 liters of gasoline every month. Calculated according to the start-stop system saving 5% of fuel, a year can save about 600 yuan in fuel costs. After 2 to 3 years, the money from the AGM battery will be earned. Up.

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