Rubber caps of VRLA battery

The RUBBER CAP is a very important part of the small VRLA battery, also known as the exhaust valve. The opening and closing pressure of the rubber cap is a very critical performance indicator.

Its working principle is: when the gas pressure inside the battery reaches a certain value, the RUBBER CAP will automatically open for exhaust and pressure relief, and when the internal pressure of the battery drops to a certain limit value, it will automatically shrink and close, so as to achieve battery safety performance and technical performance requirements.

Due to the design requirements, different battery manufacturers have different setting standards for the pressure range of the opening and closing valve of the RUBBER CAP. The width and depth of the groove, the size of the gap between the upper cover and the top of the rubber cap, the friction between the inner wall of the rubber cap and the outer wall of the injection hole, as well as the test environment temperature, testing equipment, testing methods, etc. It is inaccurate to talk about the opening and closing valve pressure of the rubber cap alone if any one of these factors is ignored.

It is understood that the detection methods of the pressure of the RUBBER CAP opening and closing valve by different battery manufacturers are the same in principle, but there are still many differences in the specific details. For example: some manufacturers do not cover the gland for testing; some manufacturers press the small cover and then put it into the water for testing, and the depth of the water is different; some methods are even seriously out of the actual working state of the rubber cap. This has a great impact on the test data, and also brings a lot of confusion to the RUBBER CAP MANUFACTURERS. Therefore, it is very necessary to explore an intuitive, accurate, fast and closer method to test the pressure of the opening and closing valve of the rubber cap.


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