• AGM Battery Separator Piece
  • AGM Battery Separator Piece
  • AGM Battery Separator Piece
AGM Battery Separator Piece

Brand: JHTD

Product origin: China

Delivery time: 10 working days

Supply capacity: Sufficient capacity, can meet the needs of any well-known large customer

1. We have our own factory which produces AGM battery separator piece
2. Our AGM battery separator piece's quality and quantity are under controlled
3. Our AGM battery separator pieces are produced with two advanced production lines

AGM Battery Separator Piece

AGM Separator

AGM Battery Separator Piece



AGM Battery Separator is made of superior quality micro glass fiber. It has been widely used in battery in the field of telecommunication, railway, electrical power, fire control and alarming system, solar energy, wind energy, automobile, electrical car and shipping. We have two advanced production lines with more than an annual output of 4000 Tons.


Our AGM battery separator adopt AGM technology, it can effectively prevent electrolyte stratification, so as to increase the deep cycle life (up to 3 times that of ordinary batteries) and service life of batteries.

On the other hand, AGM separator has better low temperature performance because of its lower resistance.



Quick Details

Place of Origin: China

Packaging: Cartons or plastic bags

Brand Name: JHTD

Application: Automotive, ups

Model Number: AGM battery separator plate

Battery Size: AGM battery

Type: Insulation Sheet

Weight: 0.01kgs

Material: AGM

Sealed Type: Sealed

Size: General / Customized

Design life: 3-5 Years

AGM Battery Separator Piece Executive Standard

AGM piece cutting fiberglass separator



This standard is reference standard.

We can produce the products according to customers' requirements.


AGM Battery Separator Piece Type Nomenclature:


AGM battery seperator

Thickness, width and length and type are according to the customer's request.

The AGM separator is one kind of environmental-protection material which is made of micro glass fiber (Diameter of 0.6-6μm). It is white, innocuity, tastelessness and specially used in Value Regulated Lead-Acid batteries (VRLA batteries). The AGM separator has good acid resistance, equal thickness, high volume porosity, enough tensile strengthen both in machine direction and cross direction, good compression ability to ensure the high plate group pressure, and good insulative ability etc. It can absorb enough electrolyte, supply the channels for hydrogen and oxygen free passing to react, prevent the active materials from falling off, slow the creation of lead crystal, and reduce the loss of electrolyte in charge & loss maintenance, it is also has a long using life. The AGM separator is supplied in rolls or pieces, and packed with carton after covered with the plastic film.

Application: UPS power supply, Electrical power system, Railway signal, Telecommunication equipment, Emergency lighting, Fire control and Alarming system, Generator starting


Q1: What pressure is the thickness measured at?

It depends on customers requirement. Usually it is @20KPA or @100KPA.

Q2: Are the separator the same for different applications?
Separator for start-stop battery and UPS battery are not the same.



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